EigthtSquared: a bid for the 2013 Eastercon

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We have a convention!
la_marquise_de_ wrote in eightsquaredcon
It's official: our little bid has grown up into a fully fledged convention. A packed audience voted us in as the official 2013 Eastercon at Olympus (the 2012) Eastercon. Many thanks to all those who voted for us, all those who joined at Olympus, all those who helped us run our con desk and all those who have volunteered to help us in the year tocome.

We are delighted to be able to reveal our line up of Guests of Honour, who will be joining us next year in Bradford.

Walter Jon Williams. The entire committee are huge fans of Walter Jon's work and we are absolutely delighted that he said 'Yes' to our invitation. He is one of the most innovative, original and all-round-astonishing writers working in sf today and one of themost influential, too. His books range from far-future space opera to near future thrillers, from complex explorations of post-humanity and distant polities to swashbuckling comic space opera, all written in the most beautiful, thoughtful, pacey prose.

Freda Warrington. I, for one, was astonished to discover that Freda had not yet been an Eastercon GoH, given the range and depth of her work. While she mainly writes fantasy, she has made productive and intriguing forays into sf, horror and urban fantasy and her Blood series are, in my view anyway, simply the most original vampire tales written since Bram Stoker himself. She is also one our the nicest people in the UK sff community and it's a real pleasure to have her.

Anne Sudworth. Anne's dark, dreamy, resonant works have long been admired at convention art shows. An internationally renowned fine artist, she has deep roots in the sff and goth communities and returns every year to Eastercon. Inspired by British landscapes, folklore, literature and the ever-changing light of dark skies, her work is collected worldwide. We had to work quite hard to persuade her that she was an appropriate guest -- she's so modest, she kept insisting that she wasn't a cover artist and were we sure? But we managed to convince her in the end and we are very happy to have her as our artist guest.

Edward James. Fan, critic, academic, reader, commentator, cremorne player: there seems to be no end to the talents of our fan guest. Edward entered sff fandom at the tender age of 16 and has never left. He has contributed his insights, knowledge and sound common sense to numerous conventions since and was a key figure in the formation of the Science Fiction Foundation, which exists to promote, enhance, study and preserve sff. 2013 is his fiftieth year in fandom, and we look forward to celebrating it with him.


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