EigthtSquared: a bid for the 2013 Eastercon

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Membership Rate Rise Reminder
Flight of fantasy
jemck wrote in eightsquaredcon
As mentioned previously, we have held back our scheduled rate rise until 1st August due to the delays with providing online payment facilities.

From 1st August an adult attending membership will cost £60 (up from £50) and will rise to £70 on 1st Feb 2013.

If you have pre-supported but not yet converted to full attending membership, you may wish to do this before the end of the month.

Other rates remain the same throughout: Junior (12-17yrs) £20, child (5-11yrs) £5) and infant (0-4yrs) £1. Soft toy/apocryphal £1.

Juliet E McKenna, on behalf of the EightSquaredCon Committee.


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